The critical role of Physiology as a mother discipline to perpetually cater the needs in clinics needs no emphasis and has been recognized long back. The pressing need to increase the livestock production to meet the nutrient requirements of ever increasing human population came as a new challenge for the animal scientists. Stretching physiological limits of animals through various approaches become essential. The role of physiology obviously got new dimension, and for animal physiologists it opened a new vista. Application of principles of physiology to augment productivity per animal and efficiency of production became most critical to increase livestock production during last three decades. At this juncture animal physiologists of the country needed a common platform to promote professional interactions to facilitate collaborative research in areas of national importance.

Scientists, academicians and workers in the area of Animal Physiology from all over the country gathered at a conference of Animal Physiology workers of India organized at National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal under the auspices of ICAR during December, 1984. At the Plenary Session of the conference it was resolved to constitute a Society of Animal Physiologists of India . An Executive Committee, elected at the conference, was entrusted with the responsibility of framing the constitution and enrolling the members. The society was registered under the Societies Act in February, 1986 after the approval of the constitution.
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